From Szeged to Kent The Art of Richard Steven Hutterer

July 9, 2022 7:00 PM

Standing Rock Cultura Arts presents

“From Szeged to Kent”

The Art of RichardSteven Hutterer

Saturday, July 9, 2022,7pm. Opening Reception

-Paintings, Drawings,Lithographs

-Exhibit up through August 6, 2022.

North Water Stree tGallery

300 N. Water St., Suite H

Kent, OH  44240


Or by Appointment at330-673-4970

Richard Hutterer Bio:

Richard Steven Hutterer was born September 11 1953 in Szeged, Hungary; the only child of hisparents, Maria Belle and Ference Hutterer.  When he was 3 years old,the family immigrated to New York City and his parents found employment at Mount Sinai Hospital.  Richard went to Stuyvesant High School and in 1975, his dad was recruited by NEOUCOM in Rootstown,Ohio to chair their Biochemistry department.   The family moved toStow while their unique modern home that was designed initially byRichard was being built in the Twin Lakes of Kent.  Richard lived here with his sons and mother when he passed suddenly in May 2020.  

Richard studiedchemistry for many years before switching his studies in Kent State School of Art, where he acquired his BFA in 1984.  He won a highhonor from the Ohio Watercolor Society.  When Richard and hisgirlfriend Heidi Horvath left Kent in 1984, they moved to San Francisco and Richard made a hard living by being a bicyclemessenger.  Richard and Heidi had their first child in San Francisco. In 1988 they moved back to Ohio where two more sons were born.  Hissons are Adam, Charles, and Theodore.  Richard’s mom, Maria, was aSuzuki piano teacher and she is living in a senior apartment inHudson.  

We hope that the uniqu eexpressionism and coloration of his work brings you excitement, joyand inspiration.  Thank you for attending the show.  Additional watercolors, figure drawings, and large acrylics not in this show canbe viewed by appointment.  

Standing Rock Cultural Arts

300 N. Water St., Suite H

Kent, OH  44240


Standing Rock CulturalArts is a non profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  We inviteand welcome sponsors to help cover expenses for our art andeducational activities.   Donations are tax deductible.


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Standing Rock Cultural Arts
300 N. Water St., Suite H
Kent, OH 44240
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