"Ephemeral Effigies"

August 13, 2022 7:00 PM

Maria Uhase Bio:

Maria Uhase graduated in 2019 with a BA degree in Studio Emphasis and a Minor in Painting and a Minor in Drawing from the Myers School of Art at The University of Akron.  She currently lives and works in Northeast Ohio.

Maria Uhase Artist Statement:

    Using symbolism,figuration, and abundant details in my paintings and illustrations, I focus on creating surreal narratives involving combinations of plants, animals, and objects in the natural world.  These depictions of imaginary mutated organisms covered in fungi, spiderwebs, insects, and leafy vines are portrayed as individual microcosms existing in liminial-type spaces.

    The subject matter for each piece is inspired by my experiences and research of the environment, learning about the surreal qualities of species ofplants and animals, and my enthusiasm to share information with others.  

    The composition with this material emanates from a desire to express personal sentiments – such as mixtures of anxiety and excitement -which areoften shared among us, yet are more complex and variable than language alone can convey.  I invite viewers to participate in the storytelling as they discover hidden details, ironies, and tensions woven into these small worlds of interacting objects.

    Through our narratives, I hope we share our perceptions, broaden our curiosity about the world, and exchange information that may lead to new problem solving and mindfulness.

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