WHO:  Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

WHAT: Sidewalk Cinema screening of  “MUSIC VIDEO NIGHT”
     -featuring Music Videos by Local Bands
     -Live Concert by Indre at 7:30pm
     -bring a blanket or a lawn chair
     WHEN: Friday, June 30th,  2023. Dusk
     WHERE: Outdoors at The Hometown Bank Plaza
     -corner of Main and Water Streets in Downtown Kent
     CONTACT: 330-673-4970
     Cost: Free
     www.standingrock.net for updates

Sidewalk Cinema Music Video Night

    In attempt to showcase the enormous musical talent that comes from  Ohio, SRCA has put together an evening of Music Videos in Downtown Kent, Ohio, outdoors at The Hometown Bank Plaza, on a Blimpscreen, on Friday, June 30th.  The band Indre fromAkron will be performing before the screening at 7:30pm.


Shadow Shadow   3:38

Indre.  Akron

-Questions about how long love can last in a world where so many good things are cast into the shadows?

56 Minutes   2:30

Detention.  Akron

-Yearning, Longing, Despair and Skate Stunts with the Blimp Hangar on Triplet Boulevard hanging out in the background

Dave's Song   4:45

The Appalucians  Black Mountain, NC (Songwriter Angie Heiman from Kent)

-A heartfelt tribute to the soldiers of Vietnam and part of Project DREW

Rubber Town   4:08

Ohio Weather Band.    Akron

-A montage of the band as they visit landmarks that feature the unique character of rubber town Akron, Ohio

End of Times    5:00

Angie Haze.  Akron

-A choreographed dance performance and goodbye song envisioning the End of Times.

Sleepwalker.   4:21

Hooked Like Helen.  Cleveland

-A lyric video of a song that expresses love and hope for those who are trying to break the chains of addiction.

Kamikaze  3:40

JD Eicher    Youngstown

-Man gathers courage from abeer in a bar and moves in to make a date with an attractive woman and he is ready to be rejected, but he also thinks she will marry himbecause he has a unicorn helmet and he's a minister.

Can You Feel It?  4:16

Jessica Lea Mayfield   Los Angeles (Formerly Kent)

-A movie star from the 1960's is unable to shake her desire to be with her favorite kitten and benefits from the mutual affection.

I am Radiant.  5:08

Mr. Princess.  Oberlin

-An affirmation of the power of individual resilience when faced with heartbreak and the abilityto transform darkness into light.

Heart Throb.  2:41

Freq Out.  Uniontown

-A journey into the beautiful art of making vinyl records.

Men In Suits (With Painted Faces)   5:35

People in The Daytime.  Kent

-Men in Suits with Painted Faces take over a remote forest location

The Road Out of Nowhere  4:00

Colorvine  Akron  

-A road trip into a world of infinite possibility where madness disappears and beauty extends forever

Bugs   3:45

The  Vindys.     Youngstown

-A trip inside the mind of someone who is bugged late at night

Fly Right    3:24

Oliver Hazard.  Waterville,OH (Toledo)

Animated video by Austin Sterpka that highlights life in the small town of Waterville, Ohio

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