WHO:  Standing Rock Cultural Arts presents

WHAT:  Inti Hayna - The Talking Trees Tour

-DJ/Violin Performance

WHEN:  Friday, November 18, 8-10pm

WHERE:  North Water Street Gallery

300 N. Water St.,Suite H

Kent, OH  44240


Call 330-673-4970 or emailinfo@standingrock.net to reserve space

Inti Hayna Bio

Trained from her beginnings in the academic music

environment, the violinist, DJ and electronic music producer

Inti Hayna decided to start a search for new musical

languages while she was doing her bachelor degree as

violinist at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia


This is how in 2017she found in house music

the ideal space where she could exploit all the interpretive

qualities of her instrument in an ambience of diversity, party

and dance, as well as develop other musical interests such as

singing, the use of the technology and the native rhythms and

instruments of her country: Colombia.

For the year 2018she began the composition, production and

recording of her first EP: LETAL, which consists of 5 songs,

each of which belongs to various house subgenres such as

deep house,electro house or tribal house and which concluded

in 2020, the year in which she traveled to Kent, Ohio to start a

master's degree in violin performance at Kent State University.

At the beginning of 2021, she released the first single from

her EP: La Rosa,which was woven based on a personal

exploration of emotions such as fear of failure, the dreams

and the development of internal strength, also has a

dedication especially to their parents. That same year she

decided to venture as a DJ, which became a fundamental

part of her musical project and determined the definitive

course it would take; in 2022 she started working full time on

the composition,production and performance of new projects

and shows, as well as the management of all her artistic work.

Apart from her passion for music, Inti Hayna also loves

reading, traveling,spending time with her family and going for

long walks. She currently resides in the city of Kent, Ohio

where she lives happily doing what she loves so much: music.

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300 N. Water St.,Suite H

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Standing Rock Cultural Arts
300 N. Water St., Suite H
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